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Gskill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ 2Gb DDR Kit

Now, before we go on to the testing of this kit, we would like to talk a little
about the current trend of 2Gb kits. It is quite accurate to say, from our own
testings and users’ experiences, that the 2Gb kits do not overclock as well
as the 1Gb kits. We seldom see 2 x 1Gb modules overclocked to high speed at aggressive
timings such as CL 2-2-2-5. Nor do we see as many 1Gb modules running at DDR600
as we see 512Mb modules. Hence, many enthusiast overclockers still rely on their
1Gb (2x512Mb) kits when aiming for the best benchmark scores.

So why not run 4 x 512MB?

Many of the users are on the AMD Athlon 64 platforms, and due to an imperfection
of the on-die memory controller of the Athlon 64s, it is quite impossible to
run a synchronized Memory and HTT speed (1:1) with 4 sticks of 512MB modules
with 1T timing. And even when your few select board are able to accomplish this
(for example, the DFI RDX200), you will not be able to overclock the memory
modules by much. Thus the desire for the 2 x 1Gb kits.


CPU AMD Athlon 64 FX57
Motherboard ASUS A8N SLI Premium
Memory 2 x 1Gb Gskill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ
Video Card NVIDIA 7800 GTX 256MB
Power Supply Silverstone
Zeus ST56ZF


Stability Testing

To test the stability of the memory modules, I used the “Car” and
“Lobby” Tests from 3D Mark 2001SE and UT2004 timedemos. I picked the
tests even though they may seem outdated because they are actually very sensitive
to memory instabilities. I can pick out instability very quickly when these
tests fail after around 1 hour of testing at each particular setting. Thus,
all results shown are speeds that have passed the stress tests.

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