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GSkill & DFI Overclocking Competition at Computex

The second match later in the afternoon was much more interesting with the
cooling medium being Dry Ice.

A huge crowd gathered at the GSkill booth and they even had the Taiwanese TV
Media down to shoot the whole process.


The container went on first for the Taiwan team:


The Korean team’s container went on:


Let the frosting begin!


-34C in the bios!

Finally, after some hqard benching, the Taiwan team emerged the winner with
a very fast Superpi score with a 3700+ San Diego at 3.3Ghz. The Korea Team had
theirs clocked higher at 3.36Ghz but it was not able to complete the Superpi

Great work for both the o/c teams!

All the motherboards used are the DFI nForce 4 for AMD, while the memory used
was mainly Gskill. Tomorow will be the day of the final match using phase-change
cooling so watch out for it!


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