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Gran Turismo 5 Media Event, So Much Awesomeness

The wait has been long but it was well worth it. We have seen the trailers, concept arts and even the prologue of the game to keep us in our seats and it is arriving soon. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 for the Sony PlayStation 3, which will be retailing at the end of this year. We have some fun hands-on and here’s the coverage.

Gran Turismo 5 for the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) will be retailing at the end of this year at an attractive S$92 for the normal edition. The limited collectors and PS3 bundle will also be retailing as well. You can learn more about the pricing and the bundle details here

It was fun attending the media event today, organised by Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong as we had some hands-on with the latest game. It is safe to say that racing gaming fans who have waited so long for this will not be disappointed; the visuals, audio and gameplay are top-notch. The game is also available in 3D too.

I had a few games crashing my car though it got more interesting as I started racing with the rainy weather battering onscreen. A Sony representative explained to the media who attended on some of the physics and features of the racing simulation game. I guessed I have much more to learn including perfecting my drifting in Gran Turismo 5 and even more on controlling of my car after crashing into the side railings of the track.

Gran Turismo 5 will feature more than 70 race courses and lots of cars for players to choose from and experience the physics on the different vehicles. The 3D stereoscopic gaming is also supported and it brings the gaming experience to a whole new level. According to Sony, the online features will also be present in-game as well as a global server that is used to manage online functions and content.

The wet weather effects can be..mind-blowing

The racing wheel and pedals accessories for the Gran Turismo 5

Along with the main highlight, Sony have also showcased some of their PS Move games such as Singstar Dance and The Fight: Lights Out. Both games will be available in retail stores beginning 15th and 18th November at S$52 and S$58 respectively.

anyone likes to dance like Lady Gaga?

This Sony staff is not to be trifle with. She will knock you down and out, well, in the game!

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