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Google/LG smartwatch specs disclosed: 1.65-inch display, 512 MB RAM

Google and LG’s fruitful partnership is about to enter a new stage, as a co-branded smartwatch is reportedly in the works, with hardware specifications eerily similar to Samsung Galaxy Gear’s features.


It’s a leaky day for LG, boys and girls, and G3’s Quad HD display reveal a few hours ago was only the beginning. Another spill of information, via the same rock-solid source, details the so far cryptic first Google-labeled wearable device, which was initially supposed to be manufactured by Motorola, but ultimately landed on LG’s lap.

Expected out alongside the Nexus 6 handheld and Nexus 8 tablet in June, the intelligent wristwatch may itself join the big, happy family of Nexus gizmos, or… not. It could also integrate Google Now alerts to bring weather, traffic, current events information, personalized reminders and others to your wrist.

But by far its pièce de résistance and primary selling point should be widespread Android smartphone compatibility. You know, the thing that currently plagues the Galaxy Gear way beyond its ludicrously high price tag. By the way, no, we don’t believe Google’s smartwatch will work as a standalone gadget, but rather as an accessory to compatible phones.

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Which brings us to the last piece of the puzzle. Well, not exactly, but it’s sure an important one. Specs. Leading the list, you have a 1.65-inch IPS LCD panel with 280 x 280 pixels resolution, 512 MB RAM, and 4 GB built-in storage, according to @evleaks.

Should we believe the guy? Definitely. Should we be impressed? Not quite, as the Galaxy Gear is a tad larger, sports a higher pixel count, as well as identical RAM and storage. Then again, it might be a good idea for Big G to go smaller than Samsung.

Now we only need to hear about the CPU, which is apparently in TBD phase, battery life and, most importantly, pricing. Who knows, a Nexus may be just what the doctor ordered for the promising but still struggling wearable market.

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