While many of us have yet to get our hands on a Nexus 4, Google is purportedly to be already working on its successor.

A rumor has begun swirling surrounding Google suggesting that the company is working on the next Nexus device.  The public’s reception to the Nexus 4 was great, and the only thing that people had to gripe about was that demands were high and supplies were low.  If people couldn’t get their hands on a Nexus 4 device from Google, then perhaps they should wait it out until the next Nexus phone arrives.

According to WSJ, Google is working on a pure Android device known as “X Phone.”  Apparently, the X Phone will focus heavily on a high-quality camera and a robust photo editing program to go along with it.  Speaking of high-quality, X Phone might also come with a bendable display and built using durable ceramic materials. 

Recently, Samsung was rumored to be considering using its flexible AMOLED technology in the Galaxy S IV.  However, that rumor was douse when another report came out stating that insiders said the S IV won’t feature the flexible display, because the technology itself was not far along enough in its development. 

If Samsung and Google partners up again for the X Phone project however, then there may be some similarities between the S IV and X Phone.  For instance, X Phone might utilize Samsung’s AMOLED and Exynos technologies, which the S IV will undoubtedly feature.  For fans of Samsung, this means that we may see a pure Android phone with S IV-like hardware, but at a lower price—take a look at the Nexus 4 and compare it to LG’s Optimus G.

In addition to X Phone, the WSJ also reported that an “X Tablet” will follow once all the X Phone details are finalized.