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Google to host Internet at 7,000+ Starbucks locations in the U.S, replacing AT&T

Google and Starbucks today announced a new WiFi partnership, replacing the one between Starbucks and AT&T. Over the next eighteen months, Google will be replacing AT&T as the Internet provider at Starbucks locations promising up to 10-times the speed.


Anybody who has ever been twiddling their thumbs, impatiently waiting for a page to load at Starbucks need fear no longer – Starbucks is outing AT&T, in favor of Google, who will be rolling out Internet service at the 7,000+ Starbucks locations in the United States over the next eighteen months.

Today, both Google and Starbucks posted the news on their respective websites.

According to Google, the service should run up to 10x faster than AT&T’s Internet service at general locations. But those going to Starbucks in a Google Fiber city will supposedly experience speeds up to 100x faster than before.

While this event will cause happiness to those who spend long amounts of times browsing the web at Starbucks locations, that happiness certainly isn’t lost on Google, who has just gained significant ground for its identification as an Internet Service Provider. The new partnership should also give them a lot of (hopefully) positive exposure to the public, so that future expansion of Google’s Internet services will meet with quicker and broader adoption.

Besides switching to Google’s Internet services, Starbucks reports that it will be partnering with Level 3 Communications to update WiFi equipment in stores. Level 3 will also be managing in-store connectivity at all Starbucks locations in the country.

Source: Google and Starbucks

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