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Google smartwatch may launch earlier than competitors’, comes with functionalities found in Glass

While Motorola hasn’t done much in terms of smartphone to impress us this year, perhaps its involvement in a Google smartwatch may turn some heads and spark some interest in the mobile brand.

Much of the rumors surrounding Motorola in recent months were mostly related to an “X Phone”, which is purported to be the first flagship to run Android Key Lime Pie, or Android 5.0.X.  However, ever since reports began surfacing about the phone’s unimpressive features, it seems like we have to move onto something else to keep Motorola and Google’s image afloat.

Motorola may have lost its Midas touch in smartphone, but perhaps that’s because Google has something else in mind for its $12.5 acquisition.  The search giant has poured a lot of resources into developing Glass, but as its competitors are leaning more towards smartwatches it’s a no brainer that Google has to have a plan B in case Glass fails miserably.

What’s even more interesting is that Google intends to launch its smartwatch soon, according to sources.  We don’t quite know how much contributions Motorola has made to the smartwatch, but reports have indicated that the watch have already been shown off on three different occasions behind closed doors.  Moreover, the purported Google smartwatch will have functionalities that are “very much like Glass.”

To end things on a more disappointing note however, the Google smartwatch reports have also noted that the device won’t be a smartphone replacement.  This of course means that whatever ‘smart’ features the watch has, its source of genius will still come from a smartphone.

As much as we would want to see a standalone ‘smart’ wrist wear, it’ll take a bit longer for that to happen.  Google’s upcoming I/O conference is set to begin in two days, and hopefully we’ll get some more details about the watch then.

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