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Google sides with Samsung again in patent battle with Apple

As the patent battle Apple and Samsung drags on, it seems like Apple is on an island by itself while Samsung continues to gain the support of those that are active in the Android ecosystem.  Google has once again sided with Samsung, and is refusing to hand over various Android source code documents over to Apple.

Apple attorney Mark Lyons is trying to make a case for the documents by saying that Google is trying to beat around the bush, and that Apple just wants “transparency.”  Google, however, disagrees and says that the court isn’t requiring it to.  Furthermore, Google believes that there is information within the source code docs that Apple isn’t entitled to.

Certainly Apple’s desire of “transparency” will favor the Cupertino-based iPhone maker in the long run since any new information about Samsung implementations of Android may help Apple plot new courses in future legal debates.

Although HTC and Samsung aren’t the best of friends, HTC does have more to lose if Apple is the decisive victor in the end.  As such, HTC has filed a brief on Samsung’s behalf, urging the U.S. Federal Court of Appeal to rule against Apple’s request for the ban of various Android handsets. 

“HTC’s brief is likely a pre-emptive move since it could face an injunction at some point over violating part of the licensing agreement it has with Apple,” said FossPatents’ Florian Mueller.

The Android alliance may or may not work out in Samsung’s favor, but it’s clear that Apple is fighting a war on many fronts—but with few allies.

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