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Google shuttering location tracking service Latitude in favor of Google+

Another day, another Google service goes down. Company now pushing for Google+ Location Reporting instead.

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Google’s renewed focus on “quality, not quantity” of products has resulted in the shuttering down of multiple crowd-favorite apps and platforms. The latest service to go down is Google Latitude, which quite a few people used for tracking friends and family for hangouts and grand get-togethers. It isn’t really much of a surprise though, since Latitude hasn’t received any attention for years now.

But it’s not really an issue, since Latitude’s features are matched by Location Reporting in Google+. It is currently limited to Android, but Google promises to include it in a future update to their iOS app. Google has until August 9th to do so, since that is the day Latitude will stop working across all platforms.

Google has given users the option to export their Latitude data, including contacts and their history, in the form of a .CSV file for importing to another service. Google Operating Systems blog has the how-to guide detailing the process of shifting from Latitude to Google+; check it out here.

This news comes from the source as our earlier Google Maps for Android v7.0 post, Google LatLong.

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