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Google says adios to Adblocker Plus from Play Store

In a rather strange move, Google has kicked fan favorite Adblocker Plus from the Google Play store on the same day that they announce the  closing of Reader, their web-based RSS newsreader.

While everyone was distracted the other day by Google’s announcement to shutter Google Reader, the company may have tried to slide another questionable move under the radar; a move that could end up angering an even larger segment of their consumers, and potentially be bad news for Chrome users as well.

So what has Google done?

Well, they booted AdBlocker Plus, one of the most popular ad blocking apps, from the Google Play Store. This wasn't limited to just AdBlocker Plus as similar apps were also pulled.

AdBlock Plus co-founder, Till Faida, believes that the timing of these events is no accident and only didn't happen sooner because AdBlocker Plus is one of the most popular ad blocking extensions for Chrome. However, whatever stand-off there might have been that held Google back from disallowing the program in the browser may have been removed in November of 2012 when they released AdBlocker Plus for Android.

The thing that made this app different is that users weren't required to root their phones in order to use it, which made it a very attractive option for Android users and a much bigger pain for Google. Shortly after its release, the app was blocked by Google on devices running Android 4.2.2 as a way to diffuse any popularity that the app might be able to gain.

Faida believes that this kind of action doesn't bode well for Google Chrome users and that this removal of the app from the Play Store is a test run to see what the reaction will be, and that if Google can get away with it slashing the AdBlock Plus extension in Chrome.

He also thinks that this action proves Google cares more making money than consumer interests.  Adblock users and Faida are still waiting to hear from Google regarding what is going on, but don’t count on Google apologizing for dropping the useful Chrome extension.

via VentureBeat

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