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Developers doubt success of Ouya, will Google make the same mistakes?

Google is rumored to be developing its own Android game console, but can it avoid the potholes that the Ouya fell into?

According to reports, Google is working on something like the Ouya, a small television-ready game console that can run various games developed for the Android OS.  However, casual as well as hardcore gamers do have criticisms for the Ouya.  For casual gamers, the Ouya’s unresponsive control is quite noticeable, which makes for a less than desirable experience for any games.  Hardcore gamers, of course, will say that the Ouya runs a dated Tegra 3 that can’t provide the eye candy and fps for a smooth gaming experience.

From our perspective, the Ouya does lack in terms of responsiveness as well as horsepower, but the reality is the crowd-funded project console caters mainly to indie developers.  Meaning, there’s no need for a Tegra 4 or anything beefy like that—although it would be nice if that were to be the case.  Still, its lack luster control responsiveness makes the Ouya a bad buy regardless of the market it’s targeting.

“Right now, the correct stamp for the Ouya is ‘hope’,” a developer, who wished to remain anonymous, told us.  “If it (the Ouya) fails, there’s a secondary market for it, perhaps in the IT department, because the cheap console has many built in connectivity features such as LAN, Wi-Fi, HDMI, and Bluetooth.”

This is where Google comes in and now that it knows there is a demand for an Android game console, it can produce a box that caters to people’s needs.  The Nexus Q, which was shown off but never mass produced or sold, may be the purported game console that is being reported about by WSJ.

By now, we should all know it’s not hard to produce a gadget to run Android, as the OS has seemingly entered many markets which range from smartphone to tablets to TV set-top boxes.  Google is a data miner, and the feedbacks and demand from people who are interested in the Ouya are justifiable grounds for the Silicon Valley giant to launch its own Android console.

Features and functionalities isn’t everything, and Google will have to produce an Android game console for the right price, else, people may just stick with the Ouya even and find ways to mod and hack it to fit their needs.  Even if Google prices their console for twice as much as the Ouya ($99), chances are people will still consider purchasing it if it gives them what they want.

This is an exciting time for indie developers, as big name tech-giants have taken an interest in developing Android-based game consoles (i.e. NVIDIA and now Google).  Will it work out for Google?  Will the rumors become reality?  At this rate, it seems like an official Android game console is inevitable, and if Google does launch a console we all hope that it won’t be running on “hope”.


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