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Google releases report of wrongful DMCA takedown requests

When the DMCA first went into effect, it was meant to provide a way for copyright holders to legitimately request for copyrighted files and links to them, but unfortunately that process has been abused as evident through Google’s tracking and publishing the list of DMCA takedown notices.

Google gets lots of DMCA takedown notices. No, change that. Google gets tons of takedown notices every year, and they have always been fairly transparent about what notices they act on, but now they have decided to take that transparency a little further by also publishing a list of those takedown notices that they deny.

To give you an idea of how many notices Google acts on, in 2012 Google was asked to remove an incredible 51.4 million links to supposedly infringing links.  By the end of the year, Google was removing almost half a million links per day.

However, if you think that is a staggering amount you haven't seen anything yet, as 2013 is shaping up with requests for 3,790,409 links to be removed in February. Even that is nothing compared to March requests, which by the 11th had already surpassed 4 million requests.

Of course, just because a copyright holder sends in a takedown notice it doesn't mean that Google will actually comply to it and to illustrate which ones do get taken down and which ones don't, Google has added a new section to its Transparency Report. This new section shows, on a daily basis, a selection of copyright holders and anti-piracy firms that Google has declined the requests of.

Takedown notices aren't going anywhere, but it is nice to see that Google is improving the transparency of what they report. We all win in the end when they do.

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