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Google refuses to censor pirate websites

Google is refusing the copyright industry’s demands that pirate websites should be removed from its search results, saying that policing the web isn’t their policy.


The copyright industry has been after Google for years, demanding they remove “pirate sites” from their search results. Google, meanwhile, has taken various measures to lower copyright infringement: They’ve lowered the pages’ ranking on Google based on how many DMCA takedown notices they receive, and they’ve removed piracy related hits from their instant and suggested search services.

Nevertheless, some piracy-related websites still rank higher than legitimate sites, as pointed out by the RIAA. Thus, copyright holders would like Google to completely remove piracy-related domains from its search results, but Google’s Eric Schmidt says that won’t fly: “The industry would like us to edit the web and literally delete sites, and that goes counter to our philosophy,” he said at a press meeting at the Allen & Co conference this week.


Eric Schmidt

Going on, he says, “It is an absolute fact that there are pirate sites and we’ve done things to reduce the amount of people who use them.” However, among those things, Google doesn’t believe it should be policing the internet. Instead, such matters should be left to the legal system: “Our position is that somebody’s making money on this pirated content and it should be possible to identify those people and bring them to justice,”

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