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Google pulls a Samsung, will blow a lot of cash to market Moto X phone

Motorola mobile by itself probably won’t have the cash to spend on a huge marketing campaign, but it’s not by itself anymore. The now Google-backed (or owned if you want to be specific) Motorola mobile division is getting ready to launch its Moto X phone with the help of a healthy donation from Google marketing.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the creator of Android will pour $500 million (USD) into marketing the ‘customizable’ and ‘assembled-in-the-USA’ Moto X. Major US carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint have all signed up to be a part of the Moto X hype, and will begin distributing the handset later this year.


Motorola, although still a big part of some carriers in the US, has fallen off since the days of the original RAZR. Now that Google has its hands in Motorola matters, the marketing dollars will forcibly try to rejuvenate the Motorola brand into the consciousness of Americans.

While Motorola’s past products (ie, the original RAZR) were truly refreshing and cool, the Moto X appears to be just another average Android handset with some gimmicky customization offerings. Regardless, the Motorola brand will be appearing more often in newspaper ads now that Google is at the helm, but hopefully its designer and engineers still care about making real big boy toys.  The ad below is big, but the gear probably won’t be as classy.


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