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Google posts new Android 4.3 factory images for Nexus devices

After rolling out minor upgrades to both Nexus phones and tablets over the last few days, Google has now released newer versions of the factory images for each device.


Google doesn’t seem to be in the mood to waste any time. Soon after rolling out minor security updates to Nexus devices, including one that fixed a rather serious issue on the new Nexus 7, the search giant has followed up with the complete factory images of the newer versions of Android for each device, so all the tinkerers and developers can flash back to stock in case of any mishaps in their hacker adventures.

The Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus (GSM-only), and the 7 and 10-inch Nexus tablets received an upgrade to build JWR66Y to improve security, and that’s exactly the build that is now available as a complete factory image. For the new Nexus 7, the factory image is of build JSS15Q, which fixes the multi-touch issues that had a lot of users banging their head in frustration for the last couple of weeks, and also improves GPS.

The images are available at the source link, where Google also has full instructions on how these images can be used. As always, be cautious when trying to flash those images on your Nexus phone / tablet, and don’t forget to take a backup of your entire storage, as flashing stock images wipes everything off the device.

Source: Google Developers

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