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Google ‘Play Games’ app has been confirmed and detailed

Google's new gaming app named "Play Games" has been detailed. It will likely include game syncing, matchmaking and invite, scoring and leaderboards, as well as achievements. The app will be tied to Google+ in order to handle some of these functions.

With Google I/O only days away it wouldn’t be surprising if more leaks start coming out. Today we have a big one. Android Police has their hands on the new version of Google Play Services (v3.1.36) which they say is rolling out to devices right now. This update is apparently very large in order to support something new.  And that something is Google’s ‘Play Games’.

For those living under a rock, rumors have been out for quite some time now that Google is preparing their own version of iOS’ Game Center, and this seems to be it in all its glory. It also looks like the app will be very much attached to another service Google seems to be pushing heavily. Managing notifications and the identity of users will all be handled by Google+.
The app includes code that suggests the ability to be able to sync games. Other tidbits include the ability to do some matchmaking and send invites, the ability to earn achievements, and the expected scoring and leaderboards.
None of this is unexpected, in fact, Android Police has mentioned most of it in the past, but now you can visualize it coming together when the icons and badges and it begins to become clear how all of this will work. It’s also clear that what was discovered in this breakdown is very likely not telling the whole story, so there is more reason to look forward to the official unveiling by Google, likely to happen at their I/O conference next week.
This is one of those things that has been a long time coming, and it looks like Google is set to check this, as well as some other things (unified messaging anyone?) off their checklist in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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