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Google planning video rentals via YouTube?

Apparently, Google’s decision to compete against Apple goes further than just the current smartphone wars. And based on the current signs, it seems that the search giant is also planning to set itself up for a clash against Apple’s iTunes service by offering video rentals via its YouTube site. Sounds fun, right?

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Pay-to-view video rentals via streaming may be an alien concept in sunny Singapore, but if Google has its way, we might soon have a new way of obtaining video rental. And we can do so without having to make the excruciating 10-minute walk down to the nearest video rental store. After all, walking is a chore, is it not?

Jokes aside, the search giant is reportedly in the midst of discussions with major Hollywood studios about the possibility of an international pay-per-view service sometime at the end of this year. Some numbers have also popped up during the talks, with the Financial Times claiming that the latest titles may be made available for rental for about US$5 (or S$6.80).

Which, when one thinks about it, is actually great news considering that YouTube has been always been holding the top position for the world’s most visited website. And if production studios want to push their work out to a greater audience, YouTube is probably by far the best option thanks to its astronomical reach.

However, making videos available for online rental also comes with issues regarding protection and restriction of the content. Apparently, if the deal goes through, YouTube’s video rentals will supposedly only be available via streaming (which means they are not downloadable), so a fast and stable internet connection is a must. That is, unless you are fine about your movie freezing and locking up every few minutes due to connection issues. Or something else along those lines.

Of course, some may take issue to Google’s proposed pricing of US$5 for the latest titles, which does come across as fairly steep. But then again, the ability to stream video rentails from the comfort of your HTPC without having to make the tiring walk down to your nearest video rental shop? Priceless.

Source: Financial Times

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