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Google opening their own retail stores this year

It seems that tech companies opening up their own retail stores is a growing trend, a profitable trend first started by Apple and then followed by Microsoft. Following that trend, according to rumors out today, Google is said to be considering opening some of their own.

Retail stores have proven to be incredibly profitable for Apple with estimates of the company earning approximately $51,148,000 per location, or $6,050 per square foot of their retail stores; which by the way beats out Tiffany & Co. who does $3,017 per square foot.

It is also a perfect way for a company like Apple to make sure that consumers get the total experience that Apple wants them to have. This is also one of the reasons that Microsoft has gotten into the retail store business as they try to find ways to provide consumers with a "pure" Windows experience.

Now it would seem that Google wants to get in on the game—that is, if rumors originating with 9to5Google.com prove to be true. Apparently, the decision to add a retail presence for the company is so that Google can have a direct outlet for selling its products like the Nexus phones, tablets, and Chromebook laptops. Like its competitors, Google also will use these locations to help educate consumers about the Android way of life and also be able to help customers having problems with their Android phones.

The rumor suggests that Google is planning on having its first flagship Google Stores ready to open in time for this year's holiday season.  There is no word yet on where exactly those locations will be, but bets are that they will be in close proximity to existing Apple and Microsoft stores.

via VentureBeat

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