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Google Keep a serious threat to Evernote and OneNote?

Google has never been shy about launching competing products to current market leaders, and it seems that the company has decided that it wants to play in the Evernote and Microsoft OneNote sandbox.

When it comes to note taking and storing those notes in the cloud, the current darlings of the business would have to be Evernote and Microsoft's OneNote product.  However, they both might be facing some serious big name competition if this post on Android Police by Ron Amadeo is of any indication.

Apparently, and for a very short period of time, some lucky Google Drive users were able to access something called Google Keep, Amadeo was amongst the selective few. It seems like Keep will allow users to create text notes, clip and insert images, and add checklists. According to what has been seen, individual notes will be able to be filed into groups and archived.  Also, there is the ever present search box for searching your collected notes.

The data created with Google Keep will be stored on Google Drive, just as your Docs and Photos are. There is no word from Google to confirm this or when it will be released to the public, but people are speculating that we will hear more about Keep at Google’s I/O conference on May 15 to 17.  That, however, doesn't stop the possibility of a soft launch of the product, which Google is also well known for.

image courtesy of Android Police

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