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Google H840: The new Nexus Q?

FCC has listed a new device by Google with the name of H840, with signs that it could be the new Nexus Q.

According to a newFCC listing, Google has a new device that was recently approved by the FCC, with details on the listing pointing to a Nexus Q refresh.

The new device from Google is named H840, despite its model name being H2G2-42. While there are still no specifications on its hardware or pictures of the device, the fact that it needs to be connected to a 24-inch Dell monitor for FCC testing and the primary function of the device being listed as a "media player" means that it definitely isn't a usual smartphone, tablet, Google TV or Google Glasses device. This leaves the only possibility of a Nexus Q, leading to us to believe that this may be the replacement to the ill-fated Nexus Q introduced at last year's Google I/O.

Apart from this detail, the only other tidbit we got from the FCC listing is the fact that this device will support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Everything else, such as the release date and pricing, has still not been disclosed.

Source: TabletGuide.nl via Liliputing

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