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google glass in operating room

This is how Google Glass is being used by surgeons in the operation theatre

A small group of surgeons at Ohio State University (OSU) have adopted Google Glass as a tool for live-streaming and documenting surgeries in real-time from a first person point of view. Details after the jump.

google glass in operating room

Google Glass may have been shunned by most of the technology blogosphere as an expensive, prototypical $1500 accessory, but surgeons at OSU have found a good use for it.

Led by Dr. Christopher Kaeding, OSU some surgeons are now using Glass in the operating room for viewing patient medical records in real-time, taking photos, and streaming entire surgeries to colleagues for advice, and to students for a virtual eyes-on operating experience.

While Dr. Kaeding has enthusiastically adopted it, others aren’t so keen because of privacy concerns, and a general reluctance of trying out unproven new technology. He also complains of Glass’ poor video quality and limited connectivity; it only connects to the Internet by tethering to smartphones.

Google Glass Explorer Edition was sold to select few people earlier this year for a whopping $1500. As Google fine-tunes the hardware, and opens up the software it will certainly get cheaper and more useful for the general public, when it launches next year.

To see the report from CBS, head over to the Source linked to below.

Source: Washington Post

Image: @ZGJR

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