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Google Glass could allow gesture control

Code snippets in Google Glass reveals that gesture control may play a part in how you control the new wearable tech.

Code uncovered in the Google Glass companion app, MyGlass, hints at some very interesting features for the new wearable tech. One snippet of the code reads “EYE_GESTURES_WINK_TAKE_PHOTO” while another reads “BROWSER_TWO_FINGER_ZOOM”. This suggests the Glass is able to use gesture controls, not just involving your hands, but even your eyes. Another code snippet, “HEAD_GESTURES_HEAD_WAKE_ENABLED” suggests a way to enable or disable the device by moving your head in a certain way.



The MyGlass app is available in the Google Play store and allows you to configure and manage Google Glass, and can deliver both SMS messaging and GPS to devices with Android 4.0.3 or higher.


Google revealed just over a week ago that its new Glass Explorer Edition would begin shipping to developers and early adopters who managed to cough up $1,500 for the gadget. At the same time, they revealed technical features for the Glass, including an HD display, 720p video and 12 GB of memory. Google hopes to launch the product to the public by the end of the year, and apparently, for less than $1,500.

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