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Google Fiber has gone to Texas

The old saying about everything being bigger in Texas may soon change to being faster as well.  Google recently announced they would be extending their Fiber service into the Austin, Texas region.

Google Fiber first made its debut in the Kansas City area in 2012 and astounded locals with its high-speed Internet, which is said to be about 100 times faster than normal broadband.  Google is now saying they will be expanding out to Austin, Texas as part of their plan a city initially passed up by the search giant.

Google will have an official event on the installation on April 9th and will be going over how Fiber be offered to residents.  The city of Austin also announced the coming of Fiber and lawmakers were excited that the company chose the city to be part of their test phase.

Austin was one of the first choices that Google looked at when they announced the creation of Fiber, but the city lost out to Kansas City, Missouri.  Even still, over 150,000 residents of Austin were ready to sign on to Fiber if it was first being considered for the region.

One reason Google may have passed up Austin was over what some claimed were as uncooperative Texas networking laws.  Chip Rosenthal who was one of the leaders in attracting Fiber to the Austin, conducted an interview with Gigaom about one year ago on why Google may have passed up the town.  Rosenthal said in part,

Austin caught their eye for all the right reasons, and we had support at the highest levels with the involvement of the mayor and the city manager, but given the Texas limitations on municipalities getting involved in network, there was only so far we could go.  So I look at the Texas Legislature, because they really put us in a box with regard to Google, and every response the city gave had to be measured within that box.”

Presently, the only available Internet options for Austin residents would be Time Warner Cable, a local cable communications company and AT&T U-Verse, however, none of them offer the high speeds that Fiber can provide.  It was also noted that when Fiber hit Kansas City, MO, Time Warner Cable began offering higher speed Internet access at lower prices.  So the idea of Fiber coming to Austin will be a win-win for everyone, which includes those who will not be getting Fiber or cannot afford it.

At this time Google Fiber is the fastest Internet available in the U.S.  Netflix also confirmed in their high-speed ISP index that Google Fiber far exceeds others in the market. 

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