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Google Chrome 28 beta adds support for rich notifications and more

Just days after releasing the stable build of Chrome 27, Google updates their beta channel with a new version of the W.I.P Chrome 28 browser with a rather interesting feature, rich notifications.

Google has updated their Chrome beta channel with a new version 28 that adds a host of interesting and useful features. One of them is the new Notification Center that is available exclusively to the Windows platform for now.

“We’ve designed these notifications to be beautiful, useful and engaging,” says Google.

Notifications from apps as well as extensions are now displayed with text and images. Of course, the pop-up notifications look like cards from Google Now (we saw that coming). Much like Android Jelly Bean, you can directly perform some actions related to the app or extension from within the notification itself. The notification center is itself residing outside the browser and you have the option to make them "Quiet" for an hour, a day or until you restart your PC. You can find the notification icon in your system tray.

Google does offer a bit more detail regarding this new feature to developers:

Apart from the basic notification type shown above, you can use other formats like image to show a preview of an image within the notification or list to coalesce multiple notifications from your app into a single one. For example, a mail app could show multiple unread emails within a single notification using the list type. You can also specify different priorities for notifications that determine how long they stay on the screen before moving into the notification center where they continue to live until dismissed by the app or user.

Complete Changelog for Chrome Beta 28.0.1500.21:

  • Google Translate: When you come across a page written in a language that isn't in the same language as your phone or tablet, look for the translation bar
  • Full screen on tablets: Simply scroll the page to dismiss the toolbar
  • Support for full screen API 
  • New graph showing your estimated bandwidth savings when you use the experimental data compression feature
  • Mobile friendly error pages

Google has also added full support for its Translate feature into Chrome. There is a built-in option to enable or disable apps from displaying notifications (you pick them). Reports suggest that this is a part of Google's efforts to bring their popular Google Now feature to desktops, laptops or any device running Chrome for that matter (not the smart devices, they get the app directly). 


Perhaps the most significant piece of news is Google's big transition from WebKit to Blink, their new rendering engine. That alone makes the final (stable) release of Chrome 28 a big milestone for this browser. We expect Google to finalize Chrome 28 by late June or perhaps early July.


Source: Google Chrome Releases via The Next Web

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