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Google Buys Over BumpTop


Looks like Google is on an acquisition spree. It recently bought over Labpixies the week before and now, the search engine giant has just acquired BumpTop, a company that develops 3D interface for Mac and Windows machines.

Google has bought BumpTop, a Canadian startup that developed a 3D interface for Mac and Windows PCs. BumpTop announced the acquisition over the weekend on its website and said it would no longer be selling its software or offering updates. People who bought the paid version were directed to the company’s support page. BumpTop planned to continue offering a free version of its software until May 7.

BumpTop described its product as a “desktop workspace” that offers a visually intuitive way to organize and access pictures, video, and documents. People can use a mouse to interact with the software, or their fingers if their computer has a multi-touch screen. A demonstration of the software was available on YouTube.

Google has not commented on the acquisition, so it’s not clear what the search engine has planned for BumpTop. However, elements of the technology could possibly be used on a smartphone built with Google’s Android operating system or in a future slate computer, similar to Apple’s recently released iPad.

Source: InformationWeek

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