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Google bans developers from monetizing Google Glass apps

Google has banned developers from making money off of apps that they develop for Google Glass. Apparently, it isn't stopping some developers from continuing to create.

Google Glass has been making rounds on the Internet for quite some time, especially since developers have had their hands on it for a little while now. One interesting bit of news regarding the development of apps for Glass is that Google has banned developers from making money with them in any way.
At first glance it would seem like troubling news in terms of developer support, but this may not be the case as Business Insider reports, having spoken with two developers at Google’s Glass Foundry Hackathon. The developers will continue creating apps because they feel a genuine excitement and passion to continue doing so.
Michael DiGiovanni, the developer who created the somewhat infamous app that lets you take pictures just by winking says that "If you excite people, that helps in your career. Even if you can’t initially monetize it, we want to be at the forefront of new technology."
Of course it isn’t all just passion and excitement; another reason they continue to develop apps is for good business reasons, which is noted by developer Jonathan Gottfried of Twilio (a cloud communications company), who says that another factor being considered by developers who continue to support Google Glass is the advantage of being first to the market. The idea is to get the most attention against the least amount of competition early on, so in the event the hardware does take off, you will have already established yourself to users for even more growth.
Gottfried also explains the difference between monetization of mobile apps vs. monetization of Glass apps. "So it's a little different of an ownership model because you don't have the actual app on your device. You've simply authorized an app to interact with your device. So I think there will be time-based and usage-based models, rather than simply buying an app."
As with any new platform, a lot of importance is placed on developer support and for the time being it doesn’t seem like Google Glass will be lacking in that category. It remains to be seen whether the product is destined to be a niche one or a breakout hit, but until the future decides which, it seems like people are enjoying what they’re doing with it.

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