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Google asks users to test out highly-experimental browser

Are you game on testing out a new, experimental and highly unstable browser? If so, Google has got just the thing for you: a special Canary Build of its popular Chrome web browser. Be warned though; the developers have stated that Canary is expected to break very often.

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If you are the kind of person who loves testing out new or unreleased software, you might want to check Google out. Apparently, the search giant is currently in the midst of making some some huge, risky changes to the Chrome browser, and are in need of people who are willing to test out the experimental builds on their machines.

Dubbed the Google Chrome Canary Build, this version of the Google Chrome browser is said to be highly-experimental and unstable, but is also set to be updated more often than the current development builds on Google’s Dev channel. More importantly, Canary Builds usually go through minimal manual testing (if at all), and Google has also stated on its Chromium blog that the browser is expected to “often break entirely”, so this is definitely not something for either the faint-hearted or mission-critical machines.

But if the prospect of having your machine grind to a halt does not faze you in the least, you can download Google’s Chrome Canary Build here. And as usual, it being pre-release software, the usual disclaimer applies: VR-Zone cannot be held responsible if the program accidentally flashes your BIOS, bricks your PC or insults your parents.

Source: Chromium blog

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