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Google and Motorola’s next big thing is called “NXT”

While Apple and Samsung are huffing and puffing at each other in public, Google is busy at work behind the scene brewing up perhaps the successor to the Nexus 4.  Rumored as the “NXT” (pronounced “Next”), the new Motorola Android smartphone will be one of the few to boast Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 4i processor.

Per various sources, the Motorola NXT will be a 4.7-inch device that will sport a 16MP rear shooter along with a 5MP front facing cam. 

As Google now owns Motorola Mobility, there’s no doubt that the NXT will probably be one of the most optimized devices to run Android.  Despite all the hubbubs about the raw powerful components that go into making up flagship Android handsets, one of Android’s weaknesses is that OEMs often neglect to tune and tweak its OS to run well on certain hardware.  Android 5.0, or “Key Lime Pie”, will power the NXT, and both Google’s latest mobile OS and the NXT are expected to make a splash at this year’s I/O in May.

As for pricings of the Motorola NXT, one can only hope that Google will once again be kind and use its Nexus 4 pricing strategies.

Update: The above image has been confirmed as fake, hence, whatever Google and Motorola are cooking up is still a mystery.


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