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Google adds drag-and-drop file attachment to Gmail, no Flash needed

Drag-and-drop file attachment gets implemented in Gmail, and Google has made so that it won’t require Adobe’s Flash plugin. Only works with Firefox and Chrome, though.

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In what can be seen as a move to ensure that the internet transitions away from proprietary standards like Flash, Google has added drag-and-drop file attachment support in Gmail, which allows users to simply pull their files over from an open window into the browser for automatic uploading.

Unlike most multiple-file attachment features which require the use of Adobe’s Flash, Gmail’s feature will work right out-of-the-box without the need to install any additional plugins, although its support is currently limited to only the latest Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

However, Gmail software engineer Adam de Boor states that the feature will make its way to other browsers in time.

“We’ll enable this for other browsers as soon as they support this feature. For now, you can drag and drop attachments in Chrome and Firefox only,” he said in a posting on the Gmail blog.

As Adam only showed a screenshot of the feature running on Windows XP in the Gmail blog, we loaded up a Linux machine (OpenSUSE 11.1) and installed the latest Google Chrome build available to see if it would work on an alternative OS. And it did:

However, we could not say the same thing for the open-source Chromium browser, with promptly crashed both the Dolphin file manager and itself, sometimes forcing a restart of KDE.

So, it seems that the only way to make use of this feature will be to use the latest version of Firefox or the official Google Chrome browser.

Source: Official Gmail Blog via TechRadar UK

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