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Google acquires Boston Dynamics, robot overlords imminent

Andy Rubin’s latest moonshot at Google involves building robots, and by acquiring Boston Dynamics, it is getting there soon.


It was revealed last week that Google has acquired over seven companies that focus on robotics. Andy Rubin mentioned in an interview last week that the goal was to create a humanoid robot that can walk around and undertake basic tasks. If ever there was an individual who can achieve this, it is the man who brought us Android.

These robots that Google is creating will be used in the manufacturing and retail industries, where they will be used on assembly lines, and maybe for future courier deliveries.

Google’s latest acquisition is its most significant yet. Boston Dynamics is known for building research robots for DARPA, the research division of the U.S. military that works on developing new technologies. Boston Dynamics has built many robots to date, which include the BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas. The WildCat robot can run as fast as 16mph on a flat terrain, and sustain that speed for five minutes. BigDog has been designed to walk on uneven terrain for 24 hours while carrying significant amounts of weights.

Rubin has stated in an interview with The New York Times that it will be a few years before we see a commercial robot from Google. For now, his latest moonshot involves acquiring organizations that bring viable solutions to Google’s robotics efforts.

Source: The New York Times

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