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Good Friday Walkabout @ Sim Lim Square

Video Cards appear to be a system component most frequently
changed and upgraded, thanks to the competitive and constantly evolving Graphics
Processing Units, and the technologically challenging games put out by the Game

The large group of consumers still on the AGP platform have
very limited choices in Video Card upgrades. Even though the X1600 Pro for the
AGP platform has been announced and launched quite some time ago, it is only
recently we see them being brought in to the local Singapore market.

Priced at SGD$ 282 and healthily stocked at
Bell Systems, #05-68 Sim Lim Square, the Powercolor X1600 Pro AGP is one of
the few good upgrade choices available to an AGP user.

SGD$ 282 and healthily stocked
at Bell Systems, #05-68 Sim Lim Square

Armed with 512MB of GDDR2, it provides a good headroom for
high resolution gaming with eye candy turned on.


All 8 modules of Infineon GDDR2 BGA RAMs come with a 2.5ns
rating, which means that the Memory can at least hit 800MHZ DDR.


The funniest looking portion of the card is behind the core
where the HSI Bridge is located. The HSI Bridge is there to bridge the natively
PCI Express R530 GPU chipset to the AGP Port.

Instead of the usual tiny heatsink used over a HSI Bridge,
a thick themal pad is stuck over the surrounding portion of the HSI Bridge.
I guess this is Powercolor’s simple solution to spread the heat away from the
HSI Bridge. Still, it looks as though someone left their adhesive bandage on
the card.

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