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Gold iPhone 5S ‘confirmed’ yet again, speculation about demand in China rises

A new report “confirms” that Apple is indeed going to release the gold iPhone 5S next month. The same report takes a look at claims that this color option will see sufficient demand in China upon launch.


Rumors, leaks and reports concerning the gold iPhone 5S are a daily occurrence now. Purported casings have been pictured and many well known analysts have predicted in their reports that this unique color option will be available for the next generation iPhone. Apple is not confirming anything as of now, it can’t be expected to before the official announcement, which reportedly takes place on September 10th.

This particular report comes from Reuters. It claims that supply chain sources based in Taiwan “confirm” gold iPhone 5S is coming next month. Recent analyst reports have suggested that the color would actually be less tacky and over the top gold and more elegant like champagne. This was evident in the high resolution purported iPhone 5S photos that were leaked yesterday. A number of analysts have predicted that gold iPhone 5S will see increased demand in markets like China and India, where customers tend to buy gold colored phones. Reuters spoke to a few people in both markets, not everyone seems to be excited about this color option. Customers at Apple’s Xidan retail store weren’t so sure if they’d purchase a gold iPhone, they weren’t even sure which gender will particularly go for this option. The report claims younger Chinese view gold as old-fashioned and tacky. By trying to reach a wider market, it is speculated Apple might end up undermining the value and uniqueness of its brand.

The report also cites a Delhi based businessman who says that he’ll look “stupid” if he carried a gold-colored phone. A phone retailer based in Mumbai said that while people do ask for iPhones, most of them are deterred by the cost, that’s why Apple’s rumored low cost iPhone is expected to do well in these markets. The iPhone 5S is expected to begin shipping on September 20th, it is not known right now if all three color options, black, white and gold, will start shipping simultaneously.

Source: Reuters 

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