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God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review


The story puts the player between God of War I and II with Kratos on the throne and death of Ares. Kratos isn’t happy as he is constantly haunted by visions of a disturbing past – a vision of an old woman lying on a slab. The vision of his past set him off for a journey to Atlantis. The journey isn’t all smooth as Kratos’s fleet were caught in a storm with splashing waves while lightning cackled.

Tentacles swept men into the sea as they were picked out by an unknown monster and it revealed itself as the first boss fight on Kratos’s course of journey to find his brother. The entire plot is not about vengeance but a slight touch on the personal story of Kratos himself.



Before we get started on the gameplay mechanics, GOW: Ghost of Sparta offers 4 levels of difficulty (Mortal, Hero, Spartan, God); you will unlock the last difficulty once you have completed the Spartan level. Controlling Kratos is easy with the PSP controls. While it is slightly different to the PS3 controller, you can execute the attacks and special moves with no problem.

New weapons and abilities give Kratos more attacking flavors while bringing the game to another level. One of the new features in GOW: Ghost of Sparta is that it gives the player the ability to add “fire” to the blades that you are equipped with. Known as “Thera’s Bane”, it is more than just adding power to your attacks. There are some obstacles and doors that require such power in order to be destroyed as well as certain enemies with hardened armor.

Another gameplay element to take note of is Kratos’s ability to use a shield and spear combination, bringing some hefty surprises to the enemy. Melee combat and some lovely spearing action will give the player that epic “300” feel, much with blood-spilling enemies onto Kratos himself. Kratos is also able to cast some eruptions of electric blue electricity too, once you gained the ability mid-game.

The game is full of blood and gore that GOW gamers are very familiar with, including the majestic soundtracks that fills the game. Some interesting mini games are also in the game, one of which is the infamous sex mini-game in every GOW games, and this one is more hilarious than erotic. The player flings a girl onto the bed off-screen and with a few specific contextual controls, the bed starts rocking and you get more and more girls who were peeking outside running in to “join the fun”.

Badass-looking bosses also exist in this new installment and rest assured, the excitement will keep you going that you probably lose sight of time.

Also, with the completion of the game, a set of challenges will be available and also “Temple of Zeus”, where players can use red orbs in order to purchase extra items such as videos, artworks and also adding enemies to the combat arena.


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