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Gobby iPhone and Android app makes English idioms easy to understand


Developed by Stealth Education, this Gobby mobile app for Android and Apple iPhone lets you learn the frequently used English idioms in everyday speech. And apparently, there is a nationwide contest going on whereby you stand a chance to win an Apple iPad 2 grand prize.

The Gobby mobile app is designed to make English figure of speech less daunting by providing users with a quick reference at their fingertips. Developed by Stealth Education, the app helps to explain the meaning of frequently used idioms in everyday speech, with idioms divided into 10 useful categories, which include Love and Romance, Work and Business, and Insults. Each explanation is supported with an example of how it is used in context as well as an audio clip of pronunciation. The app’s Chilli-O-Meter rates idioms by where and how they should be used — so users don’t end up in hot water. The lower the Chilli rating, the more you can comfortably use the phrase in almost any situation. The highest Chilli rating is reserved for idioms which are not appropriate for formal or business environments. Gobby is completely free and is now available on the iTunes App Store and Android market.

In conjunction with the launch of the new app, Stealth Education is running ‘Gobby It Up’ contest for users in Singapore starting 3 to 30 November on its microsite gobbytalk.tumblr.com. Each week, five weekly winners will walk away with Gobby Goody Bags and stand a chance of winning the Grand Prize — a 32GB+WiFi Apple iPad2 and have their winning sentences immortalised on a T-shirt that will be sold worldwide in the Gobby merchandise store.

To enter the contest:
1. Download the free app from the iTunes App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/gobby/id453435084 or from the Android market at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gobbytalk/
2. Choose one of the  300 Gobby phrases and use it in a sentence (be as funny & creative as you can)
3. Email your entry [email protected] with the following subject: Gobby It Up
4. Include your name, followed by NRIC or Passport No.
5. Repeat Step 1 to submit more.

Entries must be sent to [email protected] with the following subject: Gobby It Up. All entries should include contestant’s name, followed by NRIC or Passport No. Contestants are allowed to submit multiple entries. Terms and conditions apply.

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