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Gmail for iPad update brings landscape full-screen reading support

A major Gmail for iPad update has been released, one big feature of the update is the support for full-screen reading in landscape mode.


The app now lets users read emails in full-screen on the iPad, a crucial feature that has previously been missing from the app. Moreover, the update comes with several user interface enhancements which make the design much more consistent with that of iOS 7. Its good to see that the official Gmail for iPad app has finally been updated to making it more visually appealing, with respect to the major user interface enhancements that Apple has made in iOS 7.

In portrait mode, the app now displays a slimmer navigation bar on the left side of the screen. It lets users easily switch between different accounts and inbox categories with just a single tap. The app also displays a message counter for each inbox category, making it easier for users to fly through unread emails as the counter indicates how many are left in each particular category. The usual bug fixes and performance improvements are included in the update as well. As previously mentioned, the new Gmail for iPad brings landscape support. Users can now read messages in landscape view, and they’ll also be able to compose messages in this view too.

The update Gmail for iPad app is available as a free download from the App Store.

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