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Global iOS 7 adoption crosses 85 percent

Some six months after its release iOS 7 powers 85 percent of all iOS device in the world, despite its fair share of troubles. 


iOS7 recently passed the significant milestone of powering almost all the iOS devices in existence.

iOS 7 happens to be one of the biggest updates Apple has ever made to its mobile platform. Not only does it bring a plethora of new features, but it also comes with a totally revamped UI and UX. It’s no surprise to see that the update has been well received by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners around the globe.

Apple lists the stats of its support page for developers, they’re based on visits to the App Store during the week ending March 23. In roughly six months after it was publicly released, iOS 7 powers most of the iOS devices out there. Adoption surged after iOS 7.1 was released a few weeks back. Just two days after the update’s released more than 12 percent of iOS 7.x users had updated to iOS 7.1. The latest update brings few visual enhancements, security fixes as well as new features such as CarPlay.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. A few months after iOS 7 was released, it was discovered that the firmware had a major SSL encryption flaw that could potentially risk users’ private and personal information. The company rushed to plug it through an incremental update. Some users also faced battery drain issues after updating to the new firmware, forcing Apple to release yet another incremental update to fix it. There were also reports of users feeling motion sickness due to iOS 7’s visual effects, this particular subset of users included people who already had issues like vertigo. Apple toned the effects down with iOS 7.1.

Now all eyes are on its Apple as it readies iOS 8. The company is due to show off the next major update at Worldwide Developers Conference 2014. This update is expected to be focused on simplicity, with the aim being to improve and build upon existing features. Apple is also likely to add mobile health tracking features to iOS 8.

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