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Giroptic’s Egg Camera sees the world in full 360 degrees

This small, lightweight egg-like device can watch, view and record the world in its entire 360-degree spectacle.


What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you see the gadget in the image above? Probably nothing like a camera perhaps, but a camera it indeed is, and Giroptic is proud to introduce this Kickstarter project as the world’s very first dedicated 360-degree camera.

The egg design can be viewed as rather peculiar and out of the ordinary, but this perhaps is why the 360cam functions perfectly as a 360-degree camera. Each of the three 185-degree cameras installed equally around its body give it part of its entire 300×360-degree field of view, which are all synchronized to produce one entire image of the world it sees instantly from all sides.


But a simple 360-degree camera wouldn’t be that functional without all the other perks that it has. A gyroscope for example, is part of the system that stabilizes the images the 360cam takes. Its internal GPS antenna allows for geotagging snapped images and recorded video. A microSD slot gives it expandable internal data storage, and it can connect via WiFi for video streaming and remote control. It is even installed with three separate microphones, again installed at equal spaces around the device, giving you not just a 360-degree field of view, but also a 360-degree field of sound.

As with any standard use camera, the 360cam also has several mounting accessories, as well as other rather unusual optional components. The light bulb adaptor for example, basically allows the unit to be screwed on a regular light bulb socket, instantly turning it into a makeshift surveillance camera.

If those options aren’t enough to pique your interest, you may want to know that the 360cam is also quite waterproof, with an astounding IPX8 rating (the highest waterproofing standard). The developers though still recommend using the included lens cups to protect the lens and to stabilize the image it takes underwater.


360cam saves images in JPG format, at 4096×2048 resolution, while videos are saved as MP4, and have a 2048×1024 resolution, recorded at 30 fps. The camera can be easily accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone, via WiFi or USB. It even has Oculus Rift compatibility, for those who want a more direct experience of its instant panoramic viewing capability.

Pledgers at Kickstarter can give as low as $250 for the 360cam, though about a minimum of $300 would be required if you want to fully enjoy its underwater use potential.

Source: Kickstarter

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