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Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH Review

In this section we will explore the VRM area around the Foxconn CPU socket.

A long heatpipe is used to link the heatsinks of the PCH and VRM together, although we would have preferred them to be separate as the Patsberg PCH only has a relatively small TDP of 6.7W which is puny compared to the heat output of the IR3550 powerstages.


A sensible 12-phase design is used for CPU power regulation, featuring Ferrite Core Chokes that we usually see on higher end motherboard offerings.


The new International Rectifer IR3550M PowIRstage I/C, rated at 60A each in a space saving form factor, is touted to have less electrical leakage over traditional MOSFET implementations thus capable of higher efficiencies and output.


International Rectifier IR3563A is a digital PWM that controls up to eight power phases at high 1MHz+ switching frequencies.


Over at the memory slots, we see sensibly placed buttons for Power/Reset/Clear CMOS and the inclusion of a PORT-80 diagnostic LED. Voltage probe points for the common overclocking parameters are available as well, although spaced a bit too close together for the average multi-meter probe.

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