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Gigabyte X79S-UP5-WiFi Review

Gigabyte supplies the X79S-UP5-WiFi motherboard inside a typical cardboard box with very little artwork on it, as the company has been very busy adding every kind of logo on it. Such is the number of logos that the potential purchaser will most likely be lost trying to figure out what the capabilities of this board actually are.

There are three manuals and two DVDs included with the X79S-UP5-WiFi; a installation guidebook, a standard user's manual and a manual for the WiFi/Bluetooth card, as well as a DVD with the board's drivers and a DVD with the drivers for the WiFi/Bluetooth card.

Gigabyte also supplies a 3.5" bay cover with two USB 3.0 ports, which would allow you to get USB 3.0 ports on your front panel if you case does not have any. There is also an USB cable for the WiFi/Bluetooth card and six 6Gbps SATA cables included. Note that the board has only two 6Gbps ports and four 3Gbps. Even though the normal SATA cables are compatible with the eight SAS ports, the SAS ports have a bandwidth of 3Gbps as well.

The backplate included with this board is black, which is a nice touch for those who have a case with an all-black chassis. Gigabyte provides a SLI connection cable, a Crossfire connection cable and also a 3-Way SLI connection cable, for all kinds of hardcore gamers out there. There also is a rectangular blue case sticker included.

Finally, there is the dual band WiFi/Bluetooth PCIe card and two typical antennas. The card adds Bluetooth 4.0 (yes, that's four-point-zero) and 300Mbps WiFi 802.11n functionality to your PC. Note that the PCIe card requires to be connected to an internal USB 2.0 header as well.

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