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GIGABYTE shows off new entry-level PoweRock PSUs

Need an entry-level PSU for use in building a cheap PC? Well, leave it to GIGABYTE to deliver the goods once again with a new addition to its value-oriented PoweRock line of power supplies. Known as the PoweRock KX series, these PSUs are available in three different ratings, all of which happen to be lower than 500w. After all, we did mention that these PSUs were designed to be used on entry-level PCs, no?

When it comes to having an extensive lineup of PSUs available for the enthusiast with an entry-level PC, few can match what GIGABYTE has offer with its PoweRock and PoweRock EX lines of PSUs. However, it would seem that GIGABYTE is not content with merely having two product lines for the entry-level market, for the Taiwanese company has silently introduced three new additions to its lineup of entry-level PSUs, all of which will be sold under the PoweRock KX branding.

Known as the KX 370, KX 420 and KX 470, GIGABYTE claims that the KX series of PSUs are compliant with the ATX 12V v2.0 specifications set forth by Intel and feature a 120mm cooling fan, along with protection from over-voltage, over-current and short-circuits to ensure system stability. In addition, the KX series of PSUs are reportedly capable of providing over 78% efficiency and a MTBF of over 100,000 hours.

The hardware specifications of the PSUs are as follow:

PoweRock KX 370

PoweRock KX 420

PoweRock KX 470

Once again, we should point out that the PoweRock series of PSUs are designed to be used only by entry-level systems, and the just-launched KX-series is no exception to the rule. Therefore, if you are in need of a PSU to power a sibling's PC that sees most of its uptime performing tasks such as gunning meatbags down on Crysis 2, the KX-series of PSUs are definitely not the ones you are looking for.

Source: GIGABYTE Taiwan

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