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GIGABYTE responds to burnt pins on P67 motherboards


Gigabyte has responded to the burnt pin issue affecting their LGA1155 boards by claiming that the board sent out to a reviewer was faulty in the first place.

Gigabyte has responded to the reports that their LGA1155 motherboards are experiencing the same socket burn issues that we saw in with LGA1156, not really what one would expect from their “Ultra Durable” line-up of motherboards. They say that they sent the wrong (read “damaged”) boards out to reviewers.

Gigabyte’s US team sent TechReaction two boards: a P67A-UD7 which was brand new and a P67A-UD4, whose box was apparently already open. However, Gigabyte has explained that the UD4 was already a faulty before it was sent out to TechReaction, and that it shouldn’t have left the company’s building.

According to the company,

‘We suspect that we messed up and sent him a board that we had damaged during our own testing and have sent him another new one,’

‘Our testing involves overclocking and other various tests to which no motherboard should normally be exposed – we’re basically testing durability, and durability is determined when the board dies.

We’re still waiting to check the board and trace where it has been, to try and figure out how a damaged board was sent as a media sample and prevent this from happening again.’

Gigabyte didn’t detail the exact limits of its boards’ durability, but it did claim that there were no reports of retail boards exhibiting the same problems and that they believe this is an isolated case.

Source: bit-tech.net

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