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Gigabyte GeForce 6600 DDR2 SLI

The bundle turns out to be surprisingly slim. As you can see, the card is
packed in an anti-static bag along with the usual DVI-VGA converter, manual,
driver disc and a copy of “XPAND RALLY.” Also included is a breakout box with
foam tape attached for YPBPR and S-VIDEO graphics. By now it should be apparent
that the package is geared more towards HTPC users rather than gamers.

Unlike the XFX nVIDIA GeForce 6600 DDR2 we reviewed previously, the Gigabyte
nVIDIA GeForce 660 DDR2 actually sports a SLI connector. The PCB layout turns
out to be different too. Gigabyte’s sexy turquoise PCB is used.

We ran SLI with the driver option enabled and SLI bridge

On the I/O panel, you’ll find the modular video output connector, the DVI-I
output connector and the 15 pin D-Sub VGA connector. This will allow for
multi-display capabilities.

Here you find most of the power regulators for feeding the graphic card’s
chipsets and active components. The MOSFETs are flanked by an ample quantity of
low ESR Japanese Nippon Chemicon KZJ and KZE capacitors. Toroidal ferrite core
inductors also help remove noise and ripples from the post regulated power
source to ensure maximal stability even when the chipsets are overclocked. The
lack of a separate PCIe connector shows that the cards consume minimal power
compared to higher end counterparts and similar competitors.

The NV43 chipset, in A4 revision.

The Infineon 2.5ns DDR2 RAM modules. We shall explore the
overclocking abilities later on.

If you notice, one of our PCIe slots on a DFI LANPARTY motherboard was
blocked off by the heatsink on the back of the Gigabyte nVIDIA GeForce 6600

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