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Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6

Let us take a close look at what is onboard this luxuriously package board.

You get a good peep at the board. What a teaser! We geeks were clambering to take a look, like little boys in Toys”R”Us!

Looks like there has been a lot of changes since we got a picture of the last revision here.

Gigabyte is evil. Now you catch more exposure.

Looks like the theme for today is “Quad”.

Now you know what the 6 “Quads” are.

We couldn’t resist, so we took the board out of the box!

Another turquoise brainchild of Gigabyte.

First thing that caught out attention was the passive heatpipe cooling on the motherboard. What Gigabyte terms as “Silent-Pipe” cools down the Northbridge MCH ,Southbridge MCP and VRM MOSFETs with no moving parts.

Zooming in on the Northbridge heatsink that has two sets of fins, one on the aluminium extrusion and the other on the heatpipe end.

We also found out what “Crazy Cool” was. It is basically a heatspreader on the back of the PCB that helps dissipate heat from the LGA socket and the Northbridge.

“Why from the back?” you may ask. Heat from the CPU and MCH is transferred to the PCB via solder balls, and since the PCB is pricipally made of copper, heat is easily moved to the back of the PCB where the Crazy Cool works its thing.

Brightly colured RAM slots seem to be the hip thing these days.

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