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Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6

We picked up the GA-965P-DQ6 from Gigabyte and we put it through the tests and see what it is capable of.

A week ago at Computex in Taipei, Intel officially launched the P965 desktop chipset. In case you were wondering why there is so much hype revolving the P965, it is the latest desktop chipset released that will support the Intel 6XXX series of “Conroe” processors.

If you have been following up on Intel’s and AMD’s roadmaps, you should be very much enticed in getting a Conroe to run in your PC. Benchmark leaks from around the globe has been around for a few months, and basically we are seeing the Intel 6XXX performing at up to twice the speed of last generation of processors in certain benchmarks.

With the release of the P965 chipset, Conroe support will enter the mainstream market for desktop PCs. Such unprecedented speeds is definitely a joy to behold. Also, Intel has created an upgraded Southbridge to go along, the ICH8R, which promises more features than the ICH7 can offer.

When our webmaster “Visionary” reached Taipei, he shot off to Gigabyte and spent a few jugs of saliva convincing them to give us a P965 motherboard to play with. After the gruelling work running from Hall to Hall, he is now down with a fever. Let’s all wish that he gets well soon!

Ah! Here it is! 😀

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