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Giant Announces Port Of ZT Online MMORPG For Mobile Phones

While other companies are struggling with the idea of porting their MMORPGs to the mobile platform, China has already moved ahead of the competition by tying up the loose ends of such a port. According to ChinaWirelessNews.com, Chinese gaming developer Giant is all set to unveil the mobile port of its ZT Online game to partners “soon”.

The last time we wrote about mobile gaming, a cloud-based company by the name of GameString already had a working demonstration of World Of Warcraft running off an Android-based smartphone. Unfortunately, the demonstration was anything but playable, an unavoidable outcome caused by the device’s weak processing power.

However, it seems that the Chinese has suceeded where others have failed. According to a report by ChinaWirelessNews, a Chinese gaming company by the name of Giant is already in the process of tying up loose ends from the mobile port of its popular ZT Online MMORPG before showing off the completed product to its partners in Shanghai.

For those who are unaware, ZT Online is a popular Chinese MMORPG which, according to Giant, makes use of a certain proprietary technology to allow for more than 40,000 players to game simultaneously in a server at any point of time. In addition, the technology can also allow gamers to “jump” between various servers or “shards”, which the company claims is key to further enhancing the level of interactivity within the game.

With such capabilities present on the desktop client of the game, it is definitely interesting as to how Giant managed to compress much of the desktop version of the game into something that will run properly on a mobile device such as a smartphone. Details on Giant’s developement efforts are sparse, but ChinaWirelessNews.com claims that this was made possible due to the mobile port of the game making use of only a subset of the desktop version’s gaming data. Apparently, this particular portion of data which was taken from the desktop client is enough to ensure that the mobile client of ZT Online will support “synchronous role creation, level upgrades, and interactive chats with the PC end”. Last but not least, ChinaWirelessNews.com also claims that the mobile version of ZT Online will include a wealth of extra content in order to appeal to mobile users.

This sounds great and all, except for one little problem. Apparently, there is no information on Giant’s official website about any development of such a mobile port of its popular MMORPG, so it is possible that reports of such a game may be nothing more than just vaporware. However, if such a port does eventually see the light of day, Western game developers would do well to take a page out of Giant’s book in learning about how to properly port a desktop game over to the mobile platform without having to run into processing bottlenecks.

Source: ChinaWirelessNews.com, Giant

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