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Get your Vita prepped for next-gen

The PS Vita has been updated to version 3.00, which includes a new panoramic camera, parental controls and a link to the upcoming PlayStation 4.


Sony just released an update for the PlayStation Vita’s system software, prepping it for the PlayStation 4 release later this month. The most notable change is the addition of a new button to the home screen marked “PS4 link”. The PS4 link will allow you to do two things: You can stream the PS4 screen to the Vita and remote play via your handheld, or if your games supports it, the Vita can be used as a second screen, similar to how the WiiU’s tablet is used.

Next to the new PS4 link button is another new one marked “parental controls”. The parental controls screen allows you to restrict what features your kid can use on the system, what PEGI/ESRB rated games your children will be allowed to play, and also features a way to restrict how much time per day they are allowed to use the system.

A third noteworthy feature is the addition of a panoramic camera app. While the PS Vita’s camera certainly isn’t anything to write home about, the new app is. It allows you to create a variety of different panoramas, including (among others) a 360 degree horizontal and spherical mode. The app is very good at making the transition between individual photos seamlessly blend into a panorama. The system’s motion sensor is then used to let you look at your panorama by turning the Vita around.


Will the new PS4 Link change the game for the Vita?

Apart from these features, there have been minor tweaks to other components of the system: PlayStation Network has been renamed PSN; Icons have been redesigned, and data transfer to the PS3 can now be done wirelessly. A full list of changes can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

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