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GELID Solutions GX-7 CPU Cooler review

Much like most modern high performance CPU coolers, the Gelid GX-7 is a tower-style cooler. The body of the cooler is considerably tall but not very wide, resulting to a relatively compact cooler. The aluminum fins of the GX-7 cooler are cut to a V shape, a technique proven to reduce the noise created by air turbulence.

At the top of the cooler Gelid placed a thick plastic cover, serving mostly as an aesthetic enhancement and covers the ends of the heatpipes. A blue colored V can be seen at the middle of the plastic cover, right above a small sticker with the company logo.

The base of the cooler is made out of pure copper and it is very smooth, although not machined down to a mirror finish. There are seven heatpipes moving through the tiny copper base split in two “layers”, five inline at the lower layer, close to the CPU, and two at the upper layer acting as a support.

The fan supplied with the GX-7 is the Wing 12PL 120mm cooling fan which Gelid also offers as a stand-alone product. It features a “Nanoflux Bearing”, which is an improved form of the standard ball bearing with superior long-term reliability; at least that’s what Gelid says, we do not have 100.000 hours at our disposal in order to test and confirm the long term reliability of such a device. This fan has a maximum rotational speed of 1800RPM and also features blue LED lighting.

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