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GeForce 6600GT Budget Cooler Mod

Looking to cool that spanking new 6600GT better and push the clocks up? Don’t
want to spend a bomb on an Artic Silencer? Our forum member yaoyao shares his
experience with us…

Looking to cool that spanking ne

Our forum member yaoyao’s just gotten a nice 6600GT AGP and is looking to
cool it better. Here’s a very cheap and effective solution.

Here is yaoyao’s Inno3D 6600GT before mod


Remove the default cooler by pressing out the 2 push pins behind the card.

Next, buy or find yourself the cheapest old socket A heatsink out there,
something that is used to cool a Duron would be great.


Unscrew/unclip the fan and remove the mounting clip.



Next, get a pack of small cable ties, the size that will fit through the
mounting holes on the Geforce 6600GT.


Now a cable tie through the last fin like so:

Do the same for the diagonally opposite corner.

You should end up with this:


Apply a nice even layer of thermal grease on the graphics core. yaoyao uses
and recommends his preferred brand of thermal grease… VR-Zone members’
household thermal grease…. ana(L)bond:


Now slip in both ties through the 2 mounting holes on the 6600GT:


Then, zip in another cable tie from the back through each of these 2 ties.

These will act as nuts to fasten the heatsink onto the GPU. Take note to
tighten down both sides slowly and equally so that the heatsink seats properly
on the core. Best to hold down the heatsink directly over the core with your
hands to prevent any chance of chipping the core.


Once it is quite tight, finish the tightening by using a pair of pliers and
pulling the tie:


Cut off the excess cable tails:

Now screw on the fan:


Plug her into the system and plug the fan power connector and she’s off!



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