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Geforce 6200 AGP Voltage Mod

Give your Geforce 6200 AGP a boost with a simple pencil!

The 6200 has great potential for

The 6200 has great potential for over-clocking if you can give it enough

This is done on an Inno3D 6200 AGP card.

To measure the voltage of the card, put the red tip of your multimeter to the
voltage-measuring point behind the card as shown, and the black tip to any
grounded spot.

The card reads 1.26v in 3D, much lower than the 1.4+v of the 6600GTs.


To increase voltage, you can either use a pencil or solder on a variable

To use a pencil, shade the resistor as shown below:


Original resistance is 500ohms, shading the resistor and lowering it to
460ohms give me about a 0.1v increase, from 1.26v to 1.36v. I would suggest
measuring the resistance before turning on the PC to check for voltages.


For finer tuning using a variable resistor, solder a 10K ohms variable
resistor across, with it set at maximum resistance of 10K ohms.

Tune down resistance to increase voltage.


If your card does not have a molex power connector like the Inno3D 6200,
1.36v is a good spot as when you give more, the AGP slot will not be able to
supply enough current.

If your card has a molex power connector, then 1.6v is a good spot if you
have good cooling. We were able to push the 6200 from 300Mhz core to 530Mhz core
with just 1.36v.


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