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Gearbox & SEGA to apologize for Aliens: Colonial Marines this week?

A recent post via a Facebook petition page for Aliens: Colonial Marines reports that SEGA and Gearbox may issue a statement this week concerning the game's poor performance and reception.

Gearbox's new multi-platform shooter in the definitive Aliens franchise has had a less than stellar launch; the game's poor reception has been due to a number of reasons including performance issues, gameplay mechanics, and the huge difference in gameplay from its demo to its retail version. This has led a number of gamers to become disgruntled, and Aliens: Colonial Marines has thus garnered numerous low review scores (IGN: 4.5) from professional gaming websites.

According to an official Facebook petition page for the game, Gearbox and SEGA are supposedly issuing a statement this week on the game's new patch and a possible apology for the game's poor quality.

The information comes from a supposed industry source which has contacted the owner's of the petition page, which has recently dis-confirmed the recent news of a massive 8 GB patch for the game:

"Hi gamers. The 8Gb patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines is in fact a hoax which was posted on twitter. However, we have been able to confirm with sources within Sega, and Gearbox that one or the other, or both companies will be making an official statement this week on what happened to the game between the demo, and its official release. An apology will also be in this statement as well as details on a potential software patch. We will be following these sources very closely this week, and will provide you with the latest info as we get them. ~ Sarge"

Rumors of the possible patch were started via Twitter and centered on the belief that Gearbox was going to somehow fix the game with a huge eight-gig update, providing a varied experience to the current release, thereby, basically upgrading to a new and different game altogether. The petition site declares this rumor as false much to many gamers' disappointment, as many players wanted more from the game and felt cheated by Gearbox's current sci-fi fps.

Apparently, there will be a patch, and Gearbox is supposed to issue details on what's in store with the new update…but it won't be the game-changing one that many had hoped for.

Furthermore, the petition page may be wrong about Gearbox's apology, which at this point must be chalked up to rumor and speculation.

(Picture source: Kotaku)

The game itself has received hugely varied reactions from gamers–albeit mostly negative–and gaming sites such as Kotaku, IGN and Eurogamer have given it negative reviews. This prompted many returns and has led to many fans to look upon Gearbox with scrutiny, as they feel betrayed with the game–which is still retailing at full-price.

In any case, we'll have more updates as new information becomes available, and it will be interesting to see what SEGA and Gearbox have to say about the poor reception of Colonial Marines, and whether or not they'll buckle to pressure or stand by their creation.

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